Many people are hesitant to share their budget with potential vendors for fear of getting a quote that is right up to their budget. While this can happen with vendors who are looking to gouge out the max possible, the benefits of sharing your budget up front can far outweigh the risks of not sharing it for the following reasons:

1.)   Many people come to Hawaii from the mainland where things just cost less in general. They don’t realize that while materials costs may be similar, the cost of shipping to Hawaii is quite expensive. Sharing your budget up front helps the vendor determine if your expectations are even in-line with reality.

2.)   The vendor can help steer you in a direction for lines that they know will be more in-line with what you are looking to spend. This avoids wasting time and disappointment getting a bid that is completely unrealistic.

3.)   Aside from finding more economical choices if your wish list is above your budget, the vendor can work with you to cost engineer your project and break it down by must-haves vs. want-to-haves and present your bid by components so you can pick and choose what is most important to you.

4.)   The vendor can discuss various financing options with you that they may offer so that you can decide whether to take advantage of these options to adjust your budget or decide that you will just wait until you are in a better financial place to do the project.

At Top Shelf Cabinet Solutions our goal is to help you get the highest quality and beauty possible within your budget parameters. We find that having this discussion up front not only helps us manage expectations and limit shock from high bids, but also helps you see what choices are available to manage costs as you plan your entire remodel. In addition to helping you find the perfect solid-wood cabinet line, we also can recommend contractors we feel will do the job at a fair price and discuss countertop options.

Lastly, if cash is tight, we will discuss various financing options we offer. If you are looking to sell in the near future or fix a property up for future rentals or just enjoy your remodel sooner rather than later, we can give you options.