Quartz is an agglomerated stone sometimes referred to as an engineered stone. Agglomerated stone is a manufactured stone made from natural stone chips suspended in a binder such as cement, epoxy resins or polyester. Quartz products are gaining in popularity. It is typically nonporous and nonabsorbent, more flexible, and harder than natural stone and is more resistant to mold & mildew than traditional stone, all though, quartz is less heat resistant and not completely UV stable. There are several quartz products being manufactured in the market place today. One of our favorites due to its natural beauty is Cambria.

We proudly offer Cambria Quartz Countertops which a natural beauty once thought impossible for quartz, the color, depth, clarity and natural variation found in Cambria designs are without equal, making it a striking enhancement to any room in your home. Cambria is the only family-owned producer of quartz surfaces in the US and use environmental beat practices. Cambria is NSF-51 certified for food preparation and splash zone surfaces and is also certified kosher. There is no safer stone surface for food preparation, period. We work with a trusted local supplier and fabricator who specialize in this product to bring you stunning countertops your friends and family will envy.

Best yet, if you use Cambria in your cabinet project with us, we can offer special promotional payment options if desired.

For detailed information on Cambria colors and designs, please click below and then return to our contact page to tell us about your project and how we can get in touch with you to discuss your preferences and options so that we can give you a free estimate.

Our preferred fabricator for our Cambria counters is All Natural Stone Fabrication Inc. Mary and Les have over 25 years of stone fabrication experience and are friendly and responsive to work with and take great pride in their work. They help our clients determine the correct stone for their remodeling or building projects and specialize in the unique skills of cutting Cambria stone to perfection.