Solid Wood Cabinets - A Must Have in Hawaii

One of the number one complaints we get from our customers about the cabinets they are looking to replace is that they are practically falling apart. The humid conditions on the island along with termites can shorten the lifespan of cabinets significantly if the wrong ones are chosen. Cabinets are a big investment for most home-owners so it pays in the long-term to buy quality that will stand up to our unique conditions here in Hawaii. Here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting cabinets for your remodel or new construction:

  • Solid wood is a must. Many less expensive cabinets are cheaper because they are made of particle board instead of plywood. Particle board is a wood composite and looks like a bunch of wood chips glued together. Our traditional cabinets boxes feature 9 layers of plywood with birch wood veneers on both interior and exterior which is used for the top, bottom and sides. The doors are solid maple or alder depending on the style.

  • Shipping time is really important. Many companies will wait until a container is full to ship from the mainland. This means cabinets may sit on loading docs for extended periods of time exposing them to bugs. In addition, if they arrive too soon prior to installation and sit around a job site in Hawaii they are also exposed to bugs before they are even installed. Because we use our own shippers, we are able to ship on demand and significantly cut down on the time cabinets sit around in the mainland and Hawaii. Our cabinets are factory wrapped, in a low pest environment and shipping times are usually 3-5 weeks so contractors are confident that they will have them when they need them and don’t need to order them too early, risking “sit time.”